Pool Rules

Hy-Crest Pool Rules

The following rules have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the pool for the protection and benefit of all members. The pool manager has been authorized to enforce, with sufficient cause, immediate suspension of the pool privileges for a period of one to seven days. It may be considered sufficient cause for more severe disciplinary action by the Board of Trustees.

  1. Each certificate holder or renter must register eligible members of his family unit annually on the registration card provided. This card is kept in an active file at the pool of members using the pool. Persons comprising a family unit member, and therefore eligible for registration, are as follows:
    • The certificate owner/renter and his/her spouse.
    • Unmarried children, under the age of 25, of the certificate owner/renter residing full-time in the household, or students (dependent children) home for the summer.
    • Minor, unmarried children of either spouse, who due to divorce or other reasons, do not normally reside in the member’s home, are eligible for registration during periods of temporary custody while residing in the member’s home.
    • Other members of the household residing full-time (year-round) in the certificates owners/renters home, subject to advance approval of the Board. NOTE: A brief, written request should accompany the registration card setting forth the name, age, relationship to the certificate owner/renter (or reason for being in the home). The membership chairman will present such requests at the next Board Meeting, enter those approved on the Members/Renters Registration Card, and notify the members/renters of the Board’s decision.
  2. All members/renters/guests (adults and children) must register each day upon entering the pool enclosure.
  3. The pool manager may close the pool for maintenance, health reasons, adverse weather or any other reason he may deem necessary.
  4. Pool hours are subject to change for activities sponsored by the Program Committee.
  5. All guests must be accompanied at all times by a member/renter and register upon entering the pool.
  6. Local guest fees will be $4.00 per person per day prior to 7:00 PM with a limit of 10 guests per day per family. Local guest fees will be $4.00 per person per day after 7:00 PM with a limit of 10 guests per day per family. Any group event with more than 10 local guests will require a minimum one-week notice to and approval by the pool manager.
  7. A house guest pass will be issued to a member/renter having out-of-town guests who are staying at least overnight.  This rate will be $4.00 per person per day.
  8. The good conduct of the guest and adherence to pool rules are the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member/renter.
  9. The pool manager or life guard may refuse admission or expel from the pool anyone with skin abrasions, Band-Aids, infections, inflamed eyes, coughs, colds or any malady of a contagious nature.
  10. Anyone with excessive dirt and/or perspiration shall be required to shower before entering the pool.
  11. Children under three years of age are permitted in the large pool when held by an adult. Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers when using either pool.
  12. A parent must accompany and supervise any child within the baby pool area. A responsible individual may accompany a baby pool child, 6 years or younger, into the baby pool area provided a parent of the child has given his approval in writing. The responsible individual must stay with the child at all times.
  13. Children under 12 years of age, who have not passed the beginners test (demonstrated ability to swim two widths of the pool-at manager’s discretion) or any child under 8 years of age will not be allowed in the pool unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult or babysitter over the age of 14.
  14. Running, pushing, wrestling, tripping, hitting or disorderly conduct is prohibited on the club property.
  15. No metal or rigid plastic toys shall be allowed in either pool.
  16. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted within the fenced pool area. This includes suntan lotion bottles.
  17. Stealing, petty thievery or vandalism will be cause of expulsion from the swim club. Further, all offenders will be turned over to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  18. All injuries occurring within the confines of the pool or on the organization’s grounds must be reported to the pool manager for the first aid or other disposition.
  19. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Hy-Crest property.
  20. Alcohol beverages are permitted at Hy-Crest sponsored events only for adults 21 years of age and older, and must be consumed in a responsible manner.
  21. No pets are allowed within the confines of the pool area.
  22. Damage to, or loss of club property will be charged to the responsible member/renter.
  23. Member/renter/guests shall drive carefully and slowly on the driveway and in the parking area. Pedestrians and children on bicycles shall have the right of way at all times.
  24. Swimmers under 18 years of age shall be limited to swimming only during the first fifty minutes of each hour. Rest periods will be extended to fifteen minutes in length at or near 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for additional adult swimming. These rest periods also apply to the baby pool and may be altered at the manager’s discretion.
  25. In the absence of the pool manager, his assistant or designated representative will be in charge.
  26. The grandparent(s) of member’s/renter’s children who wishes to watch from inside the pool area may do so by registering at the office. They must give their names and member’s renter’s name and number. All watchers must be attired in street clothes, no bathing suits permitted. Admission is by discretion of the pool manager.
  27. Member/renters wishing to have their baby-sitter bring their children to the pool on a regular basis will need to pay a flat $100.00 fee for the sitter for the summer in question or choose to pay the $3.00 guest fee.
  28. The pool manager is empowered to add to the pool rules as he or she may deem necessary. Any addition to the pool rules must be reported to the President or vice-president within seven days and to the Board of Trustees at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  29. Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted in the main pool.
  30. The use of personal radios, tape players, etc., on the pool grounds is prohibited, except when played through headphones only.
  31. Lounge chairs, if vacated for more than 15 minutes, may be occupied by someone else. Any articles left on the chair by a previous occupant should be carefully placed beside the lounge chair by the new occupant. No standing on lounge chairs permitted.
  32. No person shall conduct himself in the pool or in any of the ancillary rooms or areas in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself and others. Nor shall anyone act in the offensive or annoying manner thereby interfering with the enjoyment of others.

Swimming and Diving Boards

  1. One meter boards- left sided board, swim to left side of pool and immediately exit the pool, no hanging on side of pool, right sided board, swim to right side of pool, three meter board-swim directly under the board and exit pool immediately.
  2. No diving in shallow end of pool.
  3. No back flips or cartwheels off side of pool.
  4. Only one person on board at a time. Do not climb steps while waiting for diver to exit the board-both feet must remain on ground until diver is off the board. Do not go off board until person in front of you has reached the ladder or side of the pool. No swimming is allowed in the diving board area, unless closed by manager. Area in front of the boards must be clear at all times. Hanging from board is not allowed. No horseplay. More than one consecutive bounce on board is prohibited. No line breaking on boards, or letting others up. Dive straight ahead off the end of board. Look before diving. Forward dives – hands must enter the water before any other part of the body. No goggles allowed while going off the boards.

Approved by the Board of Trustees April 2008